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The Entire Screen of One Game Will Destroy You

then my brian exploded

Made for Ludum Dare 31’s “Entire Game on One Screen” theme, Tom7’s The Entire Screen of One Game is a joke. It’s a joke that goes, and goes, and goes until your head hurts and you can’t take it anymore.

You control a tiny colored block that can jump around while the screen is constantly zooming out. Once it zooms out enough, the screen is filled with a different color, your original block is zoomed out to a tiny dot, and the new screen becomes the focus of your control. It keeps zooming out, and you realize you’re in control of several screens, with the game playing out inside each of them. Uhhh…got it?

The whole thing makes about as much sense as the last couple of sentences, but you really have to see it for yourself.

If you want to be left utterly bewildered and a little impressed, check out The Entire Screen of One Game for free. It’s a fascinating concept, and the closest thing I can compare it to is BRICKbricksmashSMASH, which is similarly mind-bending. Keep it up you monsters of design, keep it up.

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