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Game of the Year 2014: #10 – P.T.

Are you ready for a list of arbitrarily ranked games to mark the end of another year? I know I am!

As always, I’ll begin this with the disclaimer that I think ranking things numerically is a stupid, stupid thing to do. Lists always force people to make arbitrary decisions that they’ll regret when they change they’re mind a week later, and the people reading them put way too much stock into what the list “represents.”

I also think that lists are super fun to make, and one of the easiest ways to express intangible feelings and give readers a quick way to see your opinions. Lists, like review scores, may be problematic, but I still think they’re a lot of fun. They’re dumb, but I also spend a dumb amount of time thinking about and shaping them into something I’m happy with using to represent an entire year’s worth of entertainment.

Let’s get listy!

 Games of the Year 2014: #10 – P.T.

pt box

P.T. is a prank in game form. It started with a surprise Gamescom announcement that P.T. was available to played by everyone, with little more information than “It’s on your PS4 for free right now and you’re gonna be scared.” In the game’s short announcement trailer, we watched the reactions of screaming people playing the game in a dark room. If you’re a fan of horror games like me, you ran to download it right then, and missed the trailer for Until Dawn (which looks pretty good!)

I closed the curtains, turned off the lights, and made the house as spooky as it can be in early afternoon. With headphones on, I launched P.T. and had absolutely no idea what to expect. No one knew anything about the game, and that’s one reason why it worked so well. P.T. makes this list because it’s not only a pretty terrifying video game, but because of the events surrounding its release.

If you haven’t played P.T. or somehow don’t know the surprise by now, don’t let me ruin it for you, it’s really something to see.

pt spooky1

P.T. starts you off in a dark room, and you make your way into a long hallway from there. You’ll turn a corner, walk down another hall and enter another door. The first twist is then revealed, you somehow just walked back into the hallway you started in. Weird, huh? You’ll soon start noticing things changing, lights turning off, awful sounds shrieking in the distance. And all you can do is keep walking forward, right into whatever is about to come next.

“LOOK BEHIND YOU” a voice on the radio warns on one of your loops through the hallway. Did you look? Or did you keep running? It’s little details that make you desperate to talk about it as soon as it’s done. Did you see that bag? What about the baby? Was there actually someone standing upstairs? How does the phone ring, and can she really get you from the window? And when it’s finally done, after a few false stops, P.T. reveals itself to be a P.layable T.easer for a new Silent Hill game by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro.

Excuse me?

The story behind P.T. is one of the weirdest, smartest, and most exciting things that happened in gaming this year, a year filled with many less than wonderful surprises. P.T. may be a short experience, but the scares it gets in while confusing the shit out of you make it one of my favorites this year. I’ll be showing off P.T. to newcomers for years to come, and it’s an incredible stand-out in the horror genre, 2014 or otherwise.

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