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Game of the Year 2014: #4 – Mibibli’s Quest


Another game that came as a total surprise, Ryan Melmoth’s painstakingly crafted platformer is one of the best I’ve played in years. Very much like last year’s MegaMan Unlimited, Mibibli’s Quest is made by a genre fan with completely fresh ideas. It’s very much inspired by Mega Man, but don’t expect to play a Space Invaders clone or fight a naked business man anywhere else but here.

Mibibli’s Quest is a sometimes philosophical, always darkly comic platformer with an abundance of originality. The mood can change on a dime, and the whiplash you get from the variety is why I loved it so much. Moments after questioning the meaning of life, it’ll hop directly into poking fun at silly game design tropes. Combine that with some of the most satisfyingly difficult platforming this side of the blue bomber, and it’s something no genre fan should miss.

It starts off seeming like a tiny game, but quickly blows past any expectations of length. I would have been happy with the first four levels and then credits, but you’re introduced to an entire world of areas after the opening setup.

Mibibli’s Quest delivers content in spades, and it’s a shame more people haven’t heard of it. If you’ve ever enjoyed Mega Man or even this year’s Shovel Knight, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not checking out Mibibli.

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