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Bullet Hills – Type Type Revolution

bullet hills 2

Do you miss rhythm games, and don’t want to wait for Rock Band‘s inevitable return? Bullet Hills offers you a quick setlist, without having to drag the drums out of your garage. Your instrument here is one you practice with regularly: your keyboard.

Bullet Hills puts you in the shoes of a dubstep artist, using the keys in front of you to simulate the beats. Letters and words scroll across the screen, and you have to type them accurately to the tune of the music to score points and multipliers. The background visuals groove with you as you play further into the song, and change as you hit specific notes in time.

bullet hills 1

Experienced typists can jump straight into either of the harder difficulties if you can keep up with the fast-paced tracks. I wish there were a few more songs than just the three available, but it’s fun while it lasts. Bullet Hills a stylish, fun DJ simulator, all while forcing you to get better at typing. The name is also better than any of the awful puns I would have called it, so that’s good too. The Typing of the Dub.

Also, just when you start feeling a little cool by nailing the beats, expect to spell the word “NERD” several times to knock you off that pedestal. Well played.

Dance along to Bullet Hills over on it’s Game Jolt page for free.

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