When There’s Candy In Your Eyes, You Must Lick It – Glasses Protector 2000

lick band 7

One of MANY thoughts going through my head as I played Glasses Protector 2000 was “Everyone has to know about this. All games should be this.”

Ludum Dare 32’s theme of “An Unconventional Weapon” has given birth to Glasses Protector 2000, a new game from founder Leaf Corcoran.

lick it good

Starting off with the greatest instructions of all time “Use -1- and -2- to flick tongue,” it takes about five seconds to see what GP2000 is all about. It’s a rhythm game in which you lick flying candy off of your face to the beat of some jammin’ tracks.

If you’re not already downloading it, I’m not sure you understood me correctly. It’s like Rock Band, except tongues.

Have a nice day.


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