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Sex Drive – Boys ‘n Berries


I sexted a melon as I manslaughtered a smiling raspberry child. Welcome to Sex Drive.

Sex Drive is about juggling two priorities: Being a responsible driver and getting your sexy so, so right.

As you’re driving and avoiding pedestrians, you’re forced to glance at your phone and respond appropriately to sexy messages. Dodge left, swerve right, and then respond with a cute joke about peeling bananas. You’ll have three options to swipe through as a response, all while your car is barreling towards its next victim.

Responding in time with the correct answer keeps your Juice Bar high, and keeps the car rolling. Slaughter enough fruitizens or be totally unsexy enough times, and you’re done. Every response is as good as the last, as each text is filled with fruit puns, dad jokes, horrible anecdotes about losing fingers, and more. PROTIP: Dad jokes are not sexy.


As silly as Sex Drive is, I had to catch my breath a couple times as I glanced from the phone to just miss slamming into a lemon man and killing my high score…and, y’know, the lemon man. The action gets surprisingly frantic as it goes on, and kept me playing long after I’d thought I had seen all of the jokes, even though I’m still pretty sure I still haven’t.

If you’re down to tango with a mango, check out Sex Drive here and its developers’ Twitter handles. Also, check out this wikipedia list of fruits that I closed after I deleted all of the excruciating fruit puns from this post. You’re welcome!

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