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Pew Pew Heads is a Bullet Hell Boss Rush


Shadow of the Colossus, except with a spaceship shooting people in the face?

I’m a big fan of designers who strip down a genre into its most fun, intense moments. Eschewing the chaff and going straight for a boss rush doesn’t always make for the most varied experience, but damn if they aren’t always a whole lot of fun.

Designed in 72 hours for the Indies VS Gamers arcade-themed game jam, developer Orange built a Shmup with a “scribbly MS paint” style. Pew Pew Heads forces you to face a head-on assault from, well, a bunch of heads and faces.

Each of the seven fighters has a unique style, and remembering each of their tactics goes a long way in climbing to a high score. The Mobster uses homing bullet traps and hides missiles under his hat, Babyface moves quickly to avoid taking fire, and Mister Potato(‘s Head) isn’t afraid of getting uncomfortably close to deal physical damage. Once you’ve taken 10 hits, it’s game over and you’re forced to start again.

The order of the fights is always random, as are the power-ups they drop once they’re defeated. Combine that along with the frantic dodging, colorful moving backgrounds, and epic soundtrack, and you’re never afforded the opportunity to get bored, even on the 10th consecutive try at a perfect run.

If you’re ready to shoot for the top of the leaderboard, go Pew Pew some Heads over on the game’s GameJolt page.

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