AnIMa – Hello, Ruthless One

helpless one

AnIMa is a game that asks you to be selfish. As the narrator begins, “Others must aide you…whether they intend to or not.” On a quest to gain back your soul back, you’ll end up taking many more down with you.

An unnamed guide speaks to you in every level, acting as a devil on your shoulder. “Hello, [BAD ADJECTIVE] One” he always begins, before explaining why terrible things have to be done. Developer Jord Farrell (MrTedders) showed off his puzzling chops in Subline, and is combining that skill with a surprising shift in tone.

AnIMa, beyond its stylish presentation, is a pretty simple (but satisfying) puzzle game. Other characters exist in the environments, and you’re a ghost-like being who can possess and move them against their will. You’ll walk them around to press buttons, stack them on top of one another to cross gaps, and more.

Some of your uses for these creatures are a bit more cruel. The catch, is that a certain number have to die before you can exit a level. Walking a perfectly good NPC into a bloody mess of spikes or using his friend to trigger a laser trap isn’t just sadistic, it’s the only way to progress.


Killing these characters in different ways is more and more satisfying as the puzzles get more difficult, but your guide is constantly reminding you of what you’re doing. It’s a great twist on a simple concept, turning a simple 2D puzzle game into a morally reprehensible villain simulator. Are we doing this for a good reason?

As you continue, the narrator simply repeats “Kill…kill…kill…” Is regaining your life worth it? The screeching sound effects and dark aesthetic remind you that this isn’t a place you want to be. Whether you listen to the man in the shadows or not, there’s only one way out.

If you’re ready to regain life by any means necessary, head over to AnIMa’s Game Jolt page.

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