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RED AMAZON – No Country

cabin in the woods

RED AMAZON made me ask a lot of questions. Once the game ended, slamming me back out to my desktop in silence, I sat there wondering what it all meant, and why I made the choice I did. If you’ve yet to try anything by Tom van den Boogart, this is some of his best work yet.

The game’s simple description does wonders at making you feel uneasy before you even hit from the title screen.


note: you can die/lose/win

another note: its not a horror game

You’ll start in a cabin, but how much of the game you see from there is up to you. Wander down the path, check out what’s in the shed, follow the trees down to the road. All while remembering “you can die/lose/win.” How? This seems so…peaceful.


Seriously go play the game before you read this. All of the wandering builds to one very important moment, and once you know what it is you can’t experience the game any other way. Go try it on its GameJolt page, and come back when you’re done. Byyyeee.

forest trail


Something seems off, right? What’s all that money doing in the shed? Why are there several shotgun shells hidden around… have you been expecting something? Wait, whose car is that? Once you’ve grabbed the shotgun and head inside, you’re faced with a very sudden, unexpected question.

What do I do when there’s a gun in my face?

Apparently what happens to me is a terrible death. After one look outside, a stranger has pulled up with a shotgun of his own, and he doesn’t seem happy to see you. You’re given the split second decision to either pull the trigger or wait and see what happens. I thought, you know, maybe we could talk things out. We didn’t. What does that say about me? The game then crashes out, closes itself, and leaves you to ponder.

Until the final my-heart-just-skipped-a-beat moment of my first playthrough, RED AMAZON was a pretty calm experience. The second one was not. I was paranoid, checking everywhere trying to figure out what happened, why, and how I could stop it. You can piece together vague theories as to what happened thanks to the wrapped cash and some other hints, but the climax remains just as powerful without understanding why. RED AMAZON came to the same conclusion once again, and this time I took the shot. It still didn’t feel like a victory, it felt like survival.

If you’ve made it this far and are still up for a walk in the woods, check out RED AMAZON on GameJolt.

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