Sonic Dreams Collection is a Nightmare Come True

feed me daddy

Just please look at that image for a second. Just for a second. Just look.

Okay. Okay, I think I’m ready.

Sonic Dreams Collection is a thing. It’s a thing made by Arcane Kids, a group of humans who make things. Things like this. Look back at that picture. Do you see? These are the things these people make. Look at it again.

This is not the worst or most surprising thing you will see in Sonic Dreams Collection.

At one point, I watched a foursome take place with beloved childhood characters. Then I screamed out loud, because a giant monster appeared from the darkness. Then I was given birth to. All of these things happened in Sonic Dreams Collection.

Sonic Dreams Collection.

tickle kill

This picture was taken shortly after I turned away from the hedgehog sitting next to me, just after he dislocated my octopus arm in fourty-three places and it went flying around the room. I was receiving orders on my cell phone from a grinning Doctor Eggman across the street, as he stared into my apartment. This is Sonic Dreams Collection.

I have not described all of the events of Sonic Dreams Collection, because no one can stare into Sonic Dreams Collection long enough without Sonic Dreams Collection staring right back, deeper into your soul than you could ever imagine. Sonic Dreams Collection. Sonic Dreams Collection.

Also at one point I watched Shadow stare into Sonic’s eyes as he gave birth, and then I pulled out a camcorder, jumped out a window, and filmed myself falling out of the building. It was the funniest thing that’s ever happened.

Sonic Dreams Collection is here.

Here is Sonic Dreams Collection.

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