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Undertale Is Actually Getting the Attention It Deserves


More than a few times over the years, I’ve found myself falling in love with games that never got a voice. Whether it’s Mibibli’s Quest, Hubol’s 2, A Mini Falafel Adventure, Castle in the Darkness or many of the others, I’m constantly falling for games that deserve way more than a passing glance.

I’m so glad I don’t have to throw Undertale in that pile.

Toby Fox’s masterpiece is actually being talked about, and I couldn’t be happier. Every once in a while we’ll be blessed with the popular games consciousness acknowledging a game like Hotline Miami or FTL, but for each of those, another dozen go unseen by more than a devoted few. Have you played 2015’s Dropsy by Jay Tholen? What about Jesse Barksdale’s The Static Speaks My Name? Maybe Crawlies? You should.

I’ve been known to rant about things like this in the past, but now we can all take a breath, and be happy that something as amazing as Undertale can not only exist, but be recognized. Big names like Jim Sterling, Austin Walker, Bob Mackey, and Daniel Tack all reviewed Undertale for their respective publications, and now so many more people know that it’s out there. I wish so much that Mibibli’s Quest could have gotten that kind of coverage, instead having myself and the few others screaming into a void about how good it was. Which, by the way, go vote for Mibibli’s Quest on Steam Greenlight if you haven’t. Thanks!


So, in case you somehow haven’t heard about Undertale before now, I guess it’s my turn to sell it.

It’s a weird RPG-thing that’s less of an RPG and more of a loving tribute to every good video game that has ever existed. Uhhh, so go play it? Every character in Undertale has more personality than the entire cast of most other games I’ve played this year. The gameplay varies itself throughout the entirety of its 4 or 5 hour first playthrough, and continues showing off how limitless it is in subsequent ones. The soundtrack, oh god the soundtrack. Undertale is real good, yo.

I really don’t want to ruin anything for you with specifics, because Undertale wants to constantly surprise you can make you laugh, and ruining Undertale’s fun is the last thing I’m looking to do. I’ll spoil part of one: I joined a snail race, and I got so excited for my snail to win that the pressure got to him, and he flipped upside down on the track burst into flames as the other snails squirmed right on past him. This was one of the ten-dozen tiny things that happen in Undertale, and one of many that you won’t forget.

If you’ve ever loved happiness, Earthbound, good characters, being sad, surprise, or skeletons, please please please go play Undertale right now. And then play it again. And again.


And once you’re done, look around for similarly good games that you’ve been missing out on that haven’t gained as much coverage. Sites like the one you’re on right now, IndieGames.comWarp DoorOffworld and many others will help you get started.

I honestly feel super strongly about this. If you’ve got the time, go play/watch more cool games and support the artist who make this stuff without expecting much feedback. Everyone will feel better, you’ll make the world a better place, and you’re supporting the future of an industry that you care about. Byyyyeeee. (and have fun.)


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