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Game of the Year 2015: #10 – Her Story


Her Story manages to be something wholly original and incredibly accessible all at once. No, nobody’s ever made a game quite like this, but almost anyone can pick it up and understand it within minutes…and be totally hooked.

Everybody likes a mystery. Who killed him? Why is she involved? Oh…they had a thing going? It’s all about the questions you have as pieces of information unfold in front of you. Her Story is a choose-your-own-adventure based on curiosity and drive to know more.

As you watch the interrogation videos of an unknown woman, you piece together a series of fictional events that took place in 1993. Murder, cheating, secret family members, all of it happens as you scrub through grainy video of a woman sitting at a desk. Dozens and dozens of interview videos with a suspect are at your disposal, but only if you can find the right search terms to find them. It’s a mystery where the answers are in front of you the whole time, only blocked by your own ingenuity and your ability to game a search engine. And it works magnificently.


I’d heard this might be a game I would want to take notes in. About an hour later, my scrawls on various notepads next to me proved this to be a very valuable asset in answering all of the game’s questions. I had scribbled names, places, events, everything I could discover onto several papers laying all over my bed. It looked like the ramblings of a serial killer. And it was awesome. Each new discovery lead to another, and another. Which led to searching forums wanting to talk to other people about what they have seen, and which videos were still hiding from me. I’ll never forget when I uncovered a huge reveal and sat there absolutely stunned for a minute, right before diving back in to see what the hell could possibly result from that finding.

Her Story is a fascinating little thing, and I can’t believe it’s the first to be done as well as it is. I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last.

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