2015 Reflections and 2016 Predictions


What’s coming in 2016? A lot, actually.

Here’s the post where we look at all of the stuff coming out this year and realize that, wow, there are actually still good things coming. As I compiled the list for that catastrophe you can see above, I couldn’t believe how many games were scheduled for the next twelve months.

So what am I looking forward to? Every year I do one of these prediction top tens, and every year almost none of it is accurate. But they’re fun! Here’s the one for 2015:

My Predictions for Game of the Year 2015

#1. Bloodborne
#2. The Legend of Zelda (Wii U)
#3. Persona 5
#4. Metal Gear Solid 5
#5. Axiom Verge
#6. Mario Maker
#7. Mighty No. 9
#8. Final Fantasy XV
#9. Titan Souls
#10. Firewatch

and here’s what the list actually looked like by year’s end:

My Actual List for Game of the Year 2015

#1. Undertale
#2. Super Mario Maker
#3. Rocket League
#4. Castle in the Darkness
#5. Until Dawn
#6. Bloodborne
#7. Sonic Dreams Collection
#8. Splatoon
#9. The Beginner’s Guide
#10. Her Story

At the time of making that list last year, I hadn’t even heard of half of the things ended up cracking the top ten. At least I kind of called Mario Maker and Bloodborne, I guess? And a bunch of my list from last year didn’t even come out, so I’ll keep tossing Persona and Zelda into my most anticipated until they actually, finally, come out. Come on 2016, do me this solid.

Aaaaand here’s my 95% (probably) inaccurate predictions list for my favorite games of 2016. Let’s all come back and have a laugh next year, alright?

Game of the Year 2016 Predictions

1. Dark Souls 3
2. Zelda
3. Persona 5
4. Danganronpa 3
5. The Witness
6. Death’s Gambit
7. Firewatch
8. No Man’s Sky
9. Zero Time Dilemma
10. Mighty No. 9

So Dark Souls 3 is a given. As long as there’s more environmental variety than there was in Bloodborne, I’d say that’s a lock for pretty high up on the list. Favorite series of all time and all that. Persona 4 is a super cool thing that I respect more than I actually enjoy playing, but I respect it a whoooole lot, and I hope that teams keeps learning and making their games better. I’ve got a real good feeling about this one.

Zelda rocks, and maybe it’ll actually come out. Truth be told, I’m probably more excited about news on the NX and Nintendo’s plans for the future than any other game on this list, so whenever that happens just imagine me staring at a screen somewhere smiling really big.

Danganronpa’s great, The Witness has been one of my most anticipated things for half a decade, and Death’s Gambit looks like the year’s requisite 2D platforming classic in the making. I dare you to watch a video of Death’s Gambit and not want to put your hands on that thing.

Firewatch is more narrative goodness from people who know how to write good stories, No Man’s Sky is the Cool Thing that everyone wants to like but none of us quite know how to yet, and Zero Time Dilemma is a wrap up to my second favorite visual novel series ever (behind Danganronpa, of course) and I can’t wait to see what convoluted Sci-Fi nonsense my anime buds get up to this time.

And Mighty No. 9 is my wild card. That one feels really, really replaceable. By Mirror’s Edge, by Deus Ex, by The Last Guardian…by a lot of things. I had RIME way, way high up on the list, but I don’t have any evidence that it’s coming out this year and needed something else to fill out the top ten with. I have faith in Inafune and Co. that they won’t totally screw us over with garbage, and I love Mega Man a whole lot. So let’s see if it’s actually a total trainwreck or a worthy successor to one of my favorite classic series of all time. I guess it could turn out just okay and be decent but bland, but somehow I think that might feel worse than it being a steaming trash pile. But that’s probably the most likely outcome. 😦

We’ve already started the year off right with games like Pony Island and Oxenfree, so here’s to another good year of cool stuff. Video games are still super neat, ya’ll.

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