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Games of the Month – January 2016

It’s back! After about a year long absence, I’m glad to say HippoChippies’ Games of the Month will be continuing EVERY MONTH through 2016. Thought some time commitment issues through parts of the site off track last year, this one’s actually happening. Like, for real. I’m going to hold myself to this as a promise.

How about this first month though? Pretty good!


#1: The Witness


What else belongs here, really? After a long-ass seven-year wait, I finally got the game I’ve been wanting for so long. And it’s super cool! I’ve only spent maybe ten or so hours with it so far (I really have issues committing time to anything, even if I really enjoy it. See: All good movies, Fallout 4, The Witcher, Dark Souls DLC, etc.) but I’m confident in saying that if you like puzzle games, you should totally give The Witness a shot. I love just describing it. “It’s like…a beautiful open world puzzle game that unfolds in more ways than you’ll even understand until you’re several hours in.” The Witness brought me my first major “Fez Moment” of the year, and it’s one I’ll probably take with me to Game of the Year talk come year’s end. I’m excited to see just where else this game can go, and hopefully I’ll spend some more time with it in the coming weeks. If the first hours are any indication…it’s gonna be one to talk about for a while to come.

#2: Pony Island


How about those weird genre bending puzzle games, huh? Pony Island unfolds much quicker than The Witness, but in some near-equally shocking ways. I want to head back into this one, too, as there are still plenty of secrets I haven’t found for myself. Should you be in the market for a weird, kind of indescribable thing overflowing with clever moments, you should head right on down to Pony Island.

#3: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

mario paper.jpg

I had noooooooooooo expectations for this one. Paper Mario is one of my favorite series of all time, but the Mario & Luigi games I’ve always bounced off of. I’m very, very early into this one (a couple hours) but I’m digging it so far! It retains the humor I like from both series, and some speedy gameplay introductions jump you past the endless dialogue of some of the M&L games’ past entries. I love the dialogue, but the pacing feels better here than the others I’ve tried. Yes, I could totally fall off the game after another couple hours like I have with the others, but for now I keep wanting to plug more time into it and see where it goes.


Honorable Mentions:

Oxenfree: I’ve barely scratched the surface on this one, but from the start I’m already intrigued. Seems like there might be some slow pacing issues here and there, but hopefully I’ll find time to come back and see how it plays out.

LONEWOLF: A cool iOS game that I keep putting a few minutes into at a time. Nothing that’s never been done before, but a nice execution on something that’s always proved to be fun.

Super Mario Maker: I can’t stop. I’ve joined a Mario Maker community to discuss levels, and I’ve been making more and more of my own to upload. Definitely a contender for Game of the Generation for me. It’s really that good. Keep the updates coming. Please…please.

Hearthstone: I just spent $40 on card packs and got one decent card. 10/10. (THE NEW MODES ARE GONNA BE SO FUN THIS SPRING THO)

ALL OF THE CLICKHOLE GAMES: Just go play any of them, they’re pretty much all great.

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