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Shrub Bubs – Plant Problems

bubs tres.png

In Shrub Bubs, I helped a plant finish the last level of his video game so he could go outside. I also made a flower so happy that he flew away.

Shrub Bubs is Good.

Shrub Bubs is about making a hotel full of (probably) abandoned plants happy. That’s about it. Imagine the mechanics of the Bad Dream games (See: point-and-clicking everything on the screen until something happens) except with a lot less murder.

You’ll go through several different rooms and figure out how to fix whatever’s bothering the little bub living inside. Pull a plug to stop a little guy from playing too many video games, knock a fish into someone’s TV. You know how it goes.

Shrub Bubs is a cute thing that involves some easy problem solving and a few mildly irritated plants, and you should totally give it a shot.

Try the game out for free on CarpetBones page!

(PRO-TIP!!! – Maybe I’m just dumb, but I got very, very stuck on the first screen. When you’re babysitting the first plant, you’re looking for a specific set of variables. You’re not on a time limit, and you’re not waiting for the plant to grow. All you have to do is adjust the time, water level, and temperature to one correct setting and you’re good to go. I was stuck on this screen and thought that’s what the entire game was until I decided to check out the trailer. I’m glad I did!)

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