Who Witnesses The Wit.nes?


You should, if you’re into that kind of thing.

In the vein of good demakes like Soundless Mountain and 2D Portal, The Wit.nes takes another modern classic and shrinks it down into some retro wrappings. If you haven’t played The Witness yet (you should) The Wit.nes is a free NES rom that replicates the game’s opening in the most modest of styles. It, well…it looks less like an NES game and more like an even older PC or Atari game, but we’ll let it slide because of the top notch wordplay. But come on, we couldn’t even get a walk cycle?


If you’ve already played The Witness, you’ll quickly blow through the set of early-game puzzles this demake throws at you. If you haven’t, The Wit.nes introduces you to the base mechanic of its inspiration: lots of grid-based mazes. Without the giant, beautiful world, though, The Wit.nes feels a bit shallow. The puzzles are still satisfying to solve, but I doubt this would be on many people’s “BEST NES GAMES OF ALL TIME” list if it were released like this back in 1986. The Witness works because of a massive world, and the way its puzzles integrate into it.


As it stands now, though, The Wit.nes is a cute introduction to a much larger undertaking, and a way to get eased in if you thought the real thing was too much to handle. The demake is also labeled as a demo right now, so I’m really curious to see if the game’s currently small scale increases if the project continues.

If you’re ready to witness the simplest version of 2016’s most complex game, check out The Wit.nes on dustmop’s page.

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