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Games of the Month – May 2016

Before I went to look at the list of games I had played in May, I had assumed it was a huge list. It was not. I’ve been playing a ton of games lately (or so it feels like) but I think I’ve just been getting a lot deeper into a handful than I usually do. And I’ve been playing Mother 3 and the original Doom a lot, and I guess it wouldn’t be fair to count those.

1. Overwatch


Even as I’m typing this, I’m not sure if Doom belongs in this spot. But I haven’t been looking at fan art, memes, and lore videos about Doom 2016, so maybe Overwatch speaks for itself. Like last year’s Splatoon, Overwatch is a fast-paced, colorful multiplayer game oozing with personality. Also like Splatoon, I don’t know how much I’ll be playing after the launch-window hype has died down. I still enjoy hopping back in with my squid buddies every once in a while, but those first few weeks made such a good first impression that it was still one of my favorite games of the year even after I put it down during its second or third month. Overwatch feels like it could live in a similar place in my gaming library. But with Blizzard’s promise of keeping the game fresh with (free!!) new characters and maps, hopefully this one will stay fresh in my mind even through year’s end. I’m gonna hurry up and finish this post so I can read more character bios on the game’s site. And maybe play a few matches. And go look at more fan-art. And…

2. Doom


I’ve never been a Doom guy. I didn’t grow up with any access to it, and by the time I started messing around with emulators, I always ended up trying the shitty GBA ports and not understanding why anybody thought that highly of the series. Then Doom 2016 came out. I’ve been blasting and shooting my way through the entire series this month, and I have a newfound respect for each game in the series. I’ll admit that I’ve played more Doom 1 than Doom 2016 since the newest one’s release, but I still enjoy both immensely more than I thought I ever would. What I had always thought of as a dumb bloody mess of bullets is so much more. It’s still that, sure, but there’s a level of thought and decision making that goes into each new area. Each game is about managing guns, ammo, upgrades, placement and more to minimize your chances of being turned into space dust. I see a lot of Doom in my future this year, and I’m happy that such an amazing sequel could be made this far into the series’ life cycle. Oh, and the explosive charge on the shotgun is clearly the only choice. Just sayin’.

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Another Uncharted game, and maaaaybe my favorite in the series? I’ve never been a super huge fan of Naughty Dog’s work outside of The Last of Us, but I still respect a lot of what the Uncharted games have accomplished over the years. They’ve done a lot with just a few pulpy adventure stories, but the actual play itself hasn’t ever grabbed me. This was the first that I actually enjoyed playing a lot of. The shooting still isn’t exactly top notch, but it’s serviceable, and the climbing and swinging around while people chit chat is better than ever. TLDR: Uncharted is good. It’s never been great. This is another good one.

Honorable Mentions:

Cooldog Teaches Typing: Another good and funny typing game in a surprisingly consistent genre. Is…is every typing game just automatically good?

-I wish i had played more this month, but the big things took up so much time. I’m sure I missed some indies, and that sucks. I’ve looked around like always, though, and I can’t find any giant standouts. I’ll keep looking for things I may have missed. Here’s to June!-

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