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The Devil Can’t Slow You Down in SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell


What if Mirror’s Edge got real dumb?

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell answers that question in the weirdest way possible, and I think I love it. Imagine if Doom didn’t have an enemies. Wait, stick with me. You keep that same speed and dumb vision of a spooky metal hell, only now you’re sprinting towards a finish line without any of those pesky cacodemons getting in your way. Oh, and also you can shoot fireballs from your hand to move platforms and sometimes control gravity and some other shit. I don’t know, man.

You’ll do some intense, varied 3D platforming through a handful of 15 seconds or less levels, and that’s the demo. At least I thought it was until I figured out each level has hidden secrets to look out for, a la SUPERHOT or Sonic Dreams Collection. I’m loving the trend of having one game on the surface and a sneakier, more methodical one underneath for us who want to take a deeper dive.


I ran, jumped, and blasted my way through SEUM’s 12ish stages in under 15 minutes, and now I’m desperate to get my horn-throwing hands on more. Check out Pine Studio’s free demo of SEUM here, and keep an eye on that page for when the full thing is ready. Trust me on this one, you’ll want to.

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