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Black Gold is a Tiny Taste of Kentucky Route Zero

not krz bg.png

Can I please have some more?

I love Kentucky Route Zero. The series so far is one of my favorite things to happen to video games in the past decade, and the wait between episodes is excruciating. There’s just not much else that captures the tone of KRZ, a tone that series somehow seems to maintain effortlessly. There isn’t anything like it… but Black Gold comes pretty close.

Two friends share an earnest conversation under the cover of night while sitting on the back of their truck and drinking a couple beers. A guitar twangs in the background as crickets chirp and you almost instinctively move to swat the mosquitoes off your arms. You move the conversation along with dialogue choices and modify the events of the story in subtle or sometimes not-so-subtle ways. Every still image of the game is a beautiful, moody work of art. Somehow this game doesn’t contain the words Kentucky, Route, or Zero in the title.

another one.png

Black Gold deserves to be taken on its own merits, though, regardless of how much I want to make comparisons. It’s a game about sharing small moments with someone close to you. It’s a game that lets you think about the last time you sat around with friends and just…talked. It’s a game that I’m very happy I was able to play, and I think that you should to.

Reminisce about your own memories over on the game’s page. I really, really hope this team decides to make more stuff like this.

…And make sure you don’t just play through the game once. There’s a lot to see if you decide to mix things up. Trust me on this one.

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