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There You Go is the Lighter Side of Room Escape

After playing hours upon hours of Zero Time Dilemma, There You Go gave me the room escaping that I’ve been craving… with significantly fewer murders along the way.

Taking roughly 10 minutes to complete, Octogear Games’ newest is a short and simple introduction to a genre that I love. You’ll be stuck in about a dozen different isometric rooms, with nothing but mouse clicks to feel your way out. While learning the significance of flicking a light switch or moving a chair, you’ll click all over the place until you figure out how to unlock the next room.

There You Go probably isn’t going to blow your mind, but I don’t think it’s aiming to. It’s a fun little experiment that’s a great start for a developer I’m just now hearing of, and has made me excited to see what they do next. The game’s voxel aesthetic is super cute, and I’d love to see more games from Octogear Games in that style. Here’s hoping!

If you’re ready to get your puzzlin’ on, head over to the game’s page here.

PROTIP: When you find the color puzzle, the letters you see are hinting at the answer. Nothing else is. Don’t spend five minutes on the frustrated Googling. 🙂

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