Games of the Month – June 2016

I finally broke away from Pokemon GO long enough to finish up most of my June games. Hooray!

June had a lot of stuff to get through, and I’m finally at a point where I’m pretty comfortable ranking my favorites. But when the biggest problem getting this post up is because there were too many great games, I’m typically okay with that. Oh man, and just you wait for July. 2016 feels like it’s finally getting started


1. Inside


I’m still digesting my thoughts on this one, and maybe Zero Time Dilemma would be the safer choice here (though I’ve yet to finish that one), but wow Inside is an experience I won’t be forgetting soon. I’ll still need another playthrough or two to see if I end up loving this one as much as Playdead’s previous hit, Limbo, but…man. There’s some cool stuff going on here. I’m not sure the last time a brand new game sent me to as many plot theory discussion forums (Undertale?) but there’s so much going on that the community will be uncovering new clues for a long time to come. If you moderately enjoyed Limbo or any 2D puzzle platformer in recent years, don’t pass over one of the most thought provoking games of 2016.

2. Zero Time Dilemma


I’m still finding time to wrap this one up, but if the previous games are anything to go by, I doubt I’ll be too disappointed by the time credits roll. Utterly confused, probably, but not disappointed. I had my gripes early on about how I wished this game let more of the cast interact with each other, but keeping close-knit groups allows ZTD feel less like a retread of 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward. More questions are able to be raised, and stronger relationships are able to form when 3 people are locked together for the entirety of what I’ve played. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how one of my favorite series ends, and I can’t wait to have to watch a half-dozen YouTube videos to actually figure out how any of it made sense.



It’s the sequel to one of the most clever puzzles games ever, BOXBOY! Instead of using one set of blocks to solve puzzles, this time you get two sets! BOXBOY! Yeah! (Also the BOXBOY in-joke comics they added in this game consistently make me laugh out loud and are worth the price of admission.)

Honorable Mentions:

SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell: A better Mirror’s Edge than the sequel to Mirror’s Edge, and it’s just a demo. Get ready for this one to hit the Games of the Month whenever the full game is released.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix: A wonderful collection of a series of games I love, with a bunch of new characters and a lot of top notch new games. Get it, especially if you’re new to the series.

Black Gold: A very moody gathering of a couple of friends. Strikes a perfect tone.

Mighty No. 9: (Shrug emoji) [It was fine and I kind of liked it, but I also forgot I played it by the time I started writing this post.]


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