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Games of the Month – August 2016

So I played Monster Hunter some more. Oops. After spending a few dozen more hours hunting down dinosaurs and sharks, I figured I should try to find some new things to play. Turns out, not a whole lot happened in August. A few neat fan games came out, some of my favorite games ever had re-releases, and there’s a new Deus Ex that I’ve barely touched. But since I probably shouldn’t make Monster Hunter the Game of the Month for a month it didn’t come out in, I guess I’ll find the next best things.

1. Pokemon Uranium

pokemon u2.png

Megaman Unlimited was my first real introduction to excellent fan-games. I had typically written them off as projects by people who couldn’t come up with better ideas, but now I realize some of them are impressive tributes that rival entries in the series they so obviously admire. Pokemon Uranium is somewhere in the middle. I’ve never played a Pokemon fan-game before and now I realize I probably should have. Did you know that some people make entirely new regions of Pokemon for stuff like this? I had no idea. Yes, a few of the ones featured in Uranium look like bad Digimon, and the bugs and framerate issues that plague it don’t do the game any favors. But even with its issues, there’s a fine Pokemon game here that can ease the wait of these next few months. And sometimes you just feel like roaming around and checking out cool new monster designs, you know? Birbie rules.

2. The House Abandon


Text adventures haven’t ever really been my thing, but this one sold me on checking more of them out. The House Abandon stays exciting throughout its short half-hour runtime and never becomes too frustrating or fiddly like so many others in the genre. It says what it wants to, does a lot of surprising stuff, and gets out. You should try it.

3. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X


Weird, right? I had heard about these games for the past few years, and until a friend of mine mentioned this one on Twitter I’d never considered giving the series a shot. I probably should have. Project Diva X is a fast-paced rhythm game overloaded with flashy visuals, and I wish I had tried one of them sooner. It isn’t perfect, and on occasion the colors and dancing get in the way of distinguishing what buttons you’re actually supposed to hit, but the game is so positive and cheerful that it’s hard to be too upset. If you’re looking for a serious high score chasing experience this may not be your thing. But if you just want to tap out quick J-pop rhythms while cartoon characters skip around on stage, this may be up your alley.

Honorable Mentions:

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Uhh, the first hour or so was cool! I just haven’t made the time for it. I dumped around 80 hours into its fantastic predecessor so I’ll get to this one at some point before year’s end.

Project AMR2 – I’d never played Metroid 2 before, but this seems like the way to do it. Though AMR2 is nearly just as speedy and well-paced as Zero Mission, the monotonous Metroid fights really turned me off.

Resident Evil 4 HD: Still the best shooter ever made? Yeah.

Mibibli’s Quest (Steam Edition) – If you didn’t play Mibibli’s Quest back a couple years ago when it snuck out, here’s your newest reminder: It’s just as good as Shovel Knight and maybe the best indie platformer ever made.

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