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Suffer Through Bounce.wav With Me, Please

bouncyI just spent the last four minutes or so playing Bounce.wav, a game made by @Klewachu and @nightkenny for this month’s GBJam. I spent those four minutes dying roughly 30 times and making it through the first level. I’m about to go back and play more.

This thing reminds me one of those “impossible challenge” games that flood your phone’s app marketplace. Incredibly simple, very few buttons to learn, but takes forever to make any progress whatsoever. The time between Start-Death-Restart-Death is, for me, around eight seconds. Bounce.wav is soooooo easy to start and figure out if it’s for you, I had to come back right away and inflict this punishment on others so I wasn’t struggling alone.

You control a forever-bouncing square and you can move it up and down. It maintains momentum, so when you choose to move it determines whether or not you send the thing to its immediate demise. Make a mistake, and a fraction of a second later you’re back at the beginning of the stage, already ready to go again. Maneuver carefully, though, and you’ll be rewarded with a new level to bang your head against.

It’s super simple, but I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. I played Flappy Bird for much too long, and Circle Spike for even longer. Get this on a phone and I’ll probably have killed a couple afternoons only to find myself on level five.

If you’re ready to spend more time than you care to admit on a tiny time-waster, check out Bounce.wav on its page. Good luck!

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