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Fairune 2 Is A Throwback to Zeldas of Old

fairune title.jpg

Did you even know there was a Fairune 1? I didn’t!

Way back in the year 2014 (oh my god Dark Souls 2 and Hearthstone came out nearly 3 years ago) a tiny little game called Fairune launched on the 3DS. It had some slight critical acclaim, but still managed to slip under my radar. Jumping into October 2016, though, a bigger, better, and b…breally good Fairune game snuck out again. But I saw it this time!

Fairune 2 drops you into an overworld with very little direction and a lush field to explore. You’ll stumble across a trusty sword and a handful of magical doodads within the first few minutes of play, and continue on to fill out a map as you jump off cliffsides and find ways to cross rivers and dilapidated castles. As someone who loves the Game Boy Zelda games, specifically Oracle of Seasons, the routine is comfortable to slip back into.


The game tunes familiar play down to its most minimal though, sometimes feeling a bit more like the original Zelda with a few extra bells and whistles. Puzzles mostly involve simply paying attention to the environment or realizing that you should ‘use x item on y.’ The combat is literally as minimal as it gets – You touch an enemy and either it dies or you die. No swinging of a blade, just recognizing enemy toughness and either swiftly dodging or charging towards it.

For just $7, I guarantee you’ll find your money’s worth as you uncover the secrets of Fairune’s surprisingly dense world. Nearly every screen has depth, as you find new monsters, new abilities and items, hidden passageways, or literally falling deeper underground into a dungeon.

If you’re ready for a tiny trip back to the 90s, check out Fairune 2 on the 3DS and remember what made Zelda stick around for so long.


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