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Games of the Month – October 2016

Yeah, you read that one right. I never did October’s. Whoops! I didn’t forget, I’ve just been stupidly busy, and there were actually some really cool games to play in the free time I could find! How about we talk about those now…and then I’ll do November’s. 🙂

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

until clown.jpg

When I heard of the “Until Dawn rail shooter” last year, I couldn’t have cared less. I don’t know why I never gave it the option of maybe being good. I typically like rail shooters, but there was just something about using a game that I enjoyed so deeply in a genre that absolutely doesn’t mesh with what Until Dawn (OG) did so well that didn’t sit right with me. Until Dawn is good because of cool characters and a spooky story about killing them all and making tough decisions to see how they all end up corpses. Rail shooters are about making as many corpses as you can by slamming your fingers onto triggers.

But this thing just gets rail shooters very, very right. It uses the fact that it’s a VR game to such a good degree that it’s what anything similar will have to be compared to from now on. There are way too many clever touches to recount here, but every jump scare is so well paced and just stupid enough to make me scream in delight and terror every time. Rush of Blood is a goofy, gross, roller coaster about cheap scares and never pretends to be anything but. It’s wonderful. Expect more VR talk come Game of the Year time, but just know that if you’re planning on playing anything on one of these fancy new machines, give this one a shot.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

how does it look so pretty.jpg

If this had been the direct follow up to The Thousand-Year Door I wonder if the mass Paper Mario backlash would ever have happened? No, this one still doesn’t have a real leveling system, but it’s consistently funny and clever enough to not really matter. The fights are breezy and end almost as soon as they begin, and there are so few of them in between genuinely great Paper Mario moments that it’s hard to complain too much. I wish there were other characters than Toads and I wish the few battles you are forced into were a bit more meaningful, but as far as I’m concerned, this is Paper Mario back on top form. Oh, it also doesn’t hurt that it’s gorgeous.

Titanfall 2

tf2 no not team fortress.jpg

The first AAA shooter campaign I’ve played all the way through in a good long time. And it was worth it! If you’re looking to spice up your FPS life with some things that you’ve never, ever seen in one of these big budget action thingys before, you could do a loooot worse than Titanfall 2. The characters get the job done in making you want to keep pushing forward, there are plenty of secrets to scour levels for, and that one level with the…weird land factory is one of the coolest sequences of the year. For a game that I never expected to have a campaign, I’m just as surprised as you are.

Honorable Mentions:

Five Night’s At Freddy’s: Sister Location – The first one of these that I’ve actually enjoyed playing through, helped out a lot by having more involved narrative this time around.

Thumper – Seems neat from the first couple of levels, and I plan on trying it a bit more. Really satisfying to nail a sequence as you slam buttons faster than you thought you could.

Gunjack – Been out on PC for a while but I’d never heard of it. If you’re into chasing high scores and destroying your friends motivation to keep playing because you’re awesome at stuff like this…get it.

Fairune 2 – You should play this!!! A tiny Zelda-like on 3DS that suffers from some weird level design you’ll get lost in, but worth beating your head against for 20 minutes to see the cool stuff it’s hiding.

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