Free / PC

Comedy + Tension = Bomb Squad Academy

You have one minute to defuse this bomb. You’ve already cut a few wires that you know were correct, but the system still hasn’t shut down. There’s 10 seconds left and you notice a big red button in the corner that says “DISARM” and you push it. You nearly throw your laptop across the room because the explosion sound effect is so terrifying.

bomb are hard.png

Bomb Squad Academy enjoys toying with you. The tutorial taunts you as it slowly and cleverly introduces one extremely simple idea at a time. These simple ideas inevitably stack on top of each other until you’re looking at a bomb that there’s definitely, absolutely no way to solve and then with 4 seconds left you miraculously figure it out and the timer stops. It feels pretty good.

This is just a demo, too. I’m a bit worried that I won’t have the smarts or patience to solve these bad boys when the full game comes out, because I know these monsters are just gonna keep layering more and more complexities in there. But for the first 15 minutes or so it’s a loooooot of fun. The art style, humor, and just-perfect-enough difficulty curve make for one of my favorite puzzle experiences of the year.

If you want to have 4 seconds to save the world, check out the game’s free demo.

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