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Walkie Talkie is a Literal Video Game Chat Room

Imagine a chat room, right? Now imagine that the chat room is also Super Mario Maker. Wait, what?

Walkie Talkie is Daniel Linssen’s latest work of brilliance. Whenever Linssen puts out a new game, you should probably pay some attention. He’s one of the most consistently creative and talented people in the business, and I’m a little jealous that he apparently has more good ideas in a week than I have in six months.

Walkie Talkie can function as a pretty normal chat room as long as you never hit the enter key. People chat about nonsense, there are currently around 3000 posts, and it’s just a throwback to how people gathered and ideas collected in a never ending stream. And then you hit the enter key.


A tiny person appears, and you see that you’re supposed to run to the right and grab a small green orb. The text posts themselves form the platforms for you to run and jump across. The catch is, however, different keys provide unique platforming obstacles. An “o” makes a death orb float around, a “}” will shoot bullets at you, and “11111” leads to a stream of platforms that vanish when you touch them. There are many, many more. It’s an amazing idea, and one that leads to scrolling through post after post, reading these people’s conversations (i.e. trying to figure out if the chat is real or just part of the game) as you play through a game with them. Making my own levels brought me back to that Super Mario Maker mindset, which I needed after the abysmal 3DS release.

If you’re up for some creative social platforming, give Walkie Talkie a shot for free on its page.

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