2016 Reflections and 2017 Predictions

2017 mess.jpg

Here’s that post where we look at my hilariously incorrect predictions for my Top 10 of 2016, and then make an equally bad prediction list for this year. It’s fun!

My Predictions for Game of the Year 2016:

1. Dark Souls III
2. Zelda
3. Persona 5
4. Danganronpa V3
5. The Witness
6. Death’s Gambit
7. Firewatch
8. No Man’s Sky
9. Zero Time Dilemma
10. Mighty No. 9



At least a few of those games came out last year, I guess!

And here’s the new one…

My Actual List for Game of the Year 2016:

  1. Pokemon GO
  2. Space Pirate Trainer
  3. The Witness
  5. Monster Hunter Generations
  6. Dark Souls III
  7. Doom
  8. Hitman
  9. Hyper Light Drifter
  10. Pony Island


So what happened?

Zelda, Persona, Danganronpa V3, and Death’s Gambit didn’t come out. That’s four off the list right there. Firewatch’s ending was so disappointing that I almost don’t want to think about it anymore, No Man’s Sky was…uhh…I’m not sure, Zero Time Dilemma was by far the weakest entry in one of my favorite series of all time, and Mighty No. 9 was the most mediocre game I played in 2016. That leaves us with just two games that I predicted being in my top 10 actually ending up there…that’s probably a new record!

Dark Souls III was disappointing, but still a pretty good Souls game. The Witness was better than I imagined, and presented environmental puzzles in a way I’ve never seen in a video game before.

And the rest was history (and explained in my Top 10 post!).


So now…………………it’s time for another bad list!

My Predictions for Game of the Year 2017:

  1. Mario (Nintendo Switch)
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  3. Persona 5
  4. Danganronpa V3
  5. Mass Effect Andromeda
  6. Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
  7. Resident Evil 7
  8. Ni No Kuni 2
  9. Detroit: Become Human
  10. Death’s Gambit


With the last Mario game being my favorite in the entire series, ya boy is hungry for more. Zelda looks great, but we all knew that already, and the same goes for Persona 5. I’m a little worried about both, because I’m not huge on Zelda’s open world stuff, and I’m not sure the thieving antics of Persona 5 will be as relatable as the real-world high school drama of P4. But we’ll see!

Danganronpa will be good as long as it leaves Japan by the end of next year. Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and I reeeeaaaallllly hope Andromeda can capture even a tiny bit of that magic. The new Shovel Knight campaign looks like it might as well be a brand new game built inside the OG Shovel Knight, and that’s just fine with me. Resident Evil 7 is either going to be super cool, or suuuuper lame, and I have no idea which.

Ni No Kuni is the prettiest and most positive game I’ve ever played, but I couldn’t get over the hump of the combat to push myself all the way through. I’m hoping there’s a bit more for me to enjoy mechanically in the sequel. Quantic Dream makes divisive, strange things, and I hope Detroit leans more towards the Heavy Rain side of things than Beyond. Death’s Gambit is a combination of my annual, predictable, Dark Souls-like and 2D platformer pick.

And that’s it! Let’s throw 2016 in the trash and move onto bigger and better things. Do good, be kind, and have some fun. Happy New Year! You’ll hear from me soon.

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