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Hidden My Game By Mom is a Rapid-fire Room Escape

hap inc 1.png

What if WarioWare were a fast-paced puzzle game? Like, more than it already is, I mean.

In hap Inc’s best series yet, you’re asked to find your not-quite Nintendo DS without mama catching you. She’s sneakier than you’d think. Hiding in secret compartments in the walls, dressed to blend in with the indoor plants, or pulling the old behind-the-curtain trick, mama’s gonna do what she has to.

It’s a very silly game with a great sense of humor, asking you to perform increasingly impractical feats just to find your game system. Halfway through the second game, you use a spaceship that flies by your window to abduct your grandpa who is sitting on top of your game. It gets weird fast.


Whether you’re making the right choice involving a magical fairy in a pond, or your grandad is chasing you while wearing a well-known villain’s mask, every stage has plenty to see. Making mistakes is part of the fun, and the fail-states are just as good as the successes. I failed one level because a giraffe licked me a lot. That’s a good way to go!

Both games are free to download and take less than a half-hour to finish. The endings are surprisingly cute, too, so don’t give up if you think you’ve seen all there is to see. The second game even hints at a third one on the way…with a twist!

If you’re up for some comedic puzzle solving, check out hap Inc’s catalogue here: (iTunes) (Android).

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