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Talos Descent – Get Low, Score High


This is gonna be a quick one, but it’s worth it.

Remember that helicopter game we all played in middle school? The one where you keep tapping to keep the helicopter going to see how long you can keep it from touching the edges or any obstacles? This is like that, but vertical.

You’re constantly falling, and you can shoot a little blast from your jetpack to bump you slightly to the left or right. The cavern becomes smaller and smaller as you head deeper into it. The quiet descent becomes louder and louder as a the sound of a heartbeat enters as you begin to fall faster. It’s surprisingly effective, and will make you stick your face right up into the screen to get every tiny movement just perfect before you make it. Don’t move too long though, or splat you go, the Atari-reminiscent death jingle plays again, and that just-one-more-go feeling hits you for the fourth time.

It’s very simple but that didn’t stop it from killing fifteen minutes of my time. I mean, it’s a high score chasing one-button game with old-school art. If you know me at all by this point, did you expect me to say no?

Check it out for free on mhughson’s page.

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