Free / Indie / PC

Bundle Kitt Let Me Meow At A Bug


Bundle Kitt isn’t quite the standard James Earl Cox III fair. It isn’t super dark, weird, or satirical. It’s just kind of… there. And that’s a nice change of pace.

You control Bundle Kitt, a perpetually sleepy and cold kitty, who just wants to walk around a meow at things before taking a nap. If you’ve ever wanted to meow at a bunch of stuff, boy have I found the thing for you. Each scene opens with a title card of what you’ll be doing for a few seconds, and then you quickly move onto the next.  You go outside, find bugs, and take naps. It’s all pretty great.


If you’re ready to smile a bunch at a sleepy kitty, check out Bundle Kitt on the dev’s If you’re up for something a bit more tense, check out his You Must Be 18 or Older to Enter from last year.

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