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URDL – Right Isn’t Right, Right?

URDL might be the first submission I’ve played from this year’s LOWREZJAM, but I have a feeling rogueNoodle‘s latest is gonna end up near the top contenders. I mean, it’s a fast-paced rhythm-ish game about aliens! You knew I was gonna be down.


First off, that logo rules school. It’s a game about hitting arrows to fight off an alien menace. Each letter is drawn using its corresponding directional arrow. That’s great! And before you say the R and L should be swapped, nah. That’s how I know you haven’t played it yet.

Each round of the game may only last about five seconds. More if you’re good. You slam some arrows and hear some cool music. Then you go again. There’s leaderboards on URDL’s GameJolt page if you’re into that sort of thing.


But Zach, you might say, you still haven’t said much about the game yet. It’s because the game has one “twist” to it that makes it cooler than just smashing around on arrows and I’m trying not to ruin it here, alright. And I didn’t just want to slap this on the Free Games page because I felt that it deserved more than that. You do check that page out, don’t you? There’s like, a ton of cool stuff that you can play. For free.

Just go play URDL. Bye!

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