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Dead Horizon is My New Favorite Video Game Western


Every once in a while I stumble across a tiny game that I know I’ll remember for as long as I keep doing this. Remember Crawlies? I do… I still think about it a couple times a month. Level 2: The Virus Master? Yup. 2017’s excellent Baba Is You? That’s a hard one to get out of your head.

Let’s add @Matthewmritter‘s latest, Dead Horizon, to that list. I’m a sucker for Westerns, and this is right up your alley if you’ve ever romanticized the hat-wearin’, gun-totin’ cynicism of moseyin’ from saloon to saloon.


Dead Horizon is probably the most satisfying 10 minutes you’ll spend with a game this week. You’ll end the lives of several villains and possible heroes, point ‘n click your way through to the end of a well written narrative, and and remember the sweet sweet aesthetics of the Super Nintendo era complete with appropriately beautiful art and music. All of that in ten minutes. If you’re as much of a proponent of short games as I am, Dead Horizon is a godsend of an example.

There’s not a whole lot more that I’m willing to spoil, because the barrier to entry is so small. If you have a computer that can download a 50mb game and a few minutes of free time… I can’t think of anything else lately that I can recommend more than Dead Horizon.


Even if Westerns aren’t typically your thing, Dead Horizon is totally free and I urge you to give it a shot. It’s a surprisingly strong piece of art made my a tiny team of people, and they aren’t charging a dime. Check it out on the game’s page, and support this kind of talent if you want to see more of it.

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