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Try, Fail, Repeat in Getting Over It

get over it!

I’m back! I realize the site’s been on probably the longest hiatus in years, but I’m back! I’ve been away having some comfort food gaming during a stressful season of getting back into the swing of things after the car accident. I played every 3D Mario game under the guise of maybe revisiting them for a future column (we’ll see!), and played around with a bunch of other old stuff… oh, and start sinking my life into Breath of the Wild again. That game’s super cool, right?

I’m diving back into the indie scene today with a game I’m glad I found sooner rather than later. Getting Over It is Bennett Foddy’s best work yet.

Infamously known for QWOP, a game where you control a runner with the worst controls of all time, Getting Over It isn’t much friendlier. Your goal is to ascend a mountain. That’s all. Oh, but, you’re a dude sticking out of a pot who climbs using a sledgehammer. Yeah, it sucks. Big time. And I can’t stop playing it.

getting there.jpg

The first thing you’ll do is fiddle with the controls and be extremely confused. Then you’ll partially understand the controls and still occasionally beef so hard that you have to start the whole game over. As you pull yourself up the mountain with a sledgehammer, you slam it in front of you to climb higher and higher. One wrong move though, and you’ll send yourself flying backwards…to the very, very bottom. No matter how far you’ve gotten.

Foddy himself narrates most of your journey. In a format reminiscent of The Beginner’s Guide (except, you know, not a fictional account), Bennett Foddy talks about the game’s origins, why he made it the way he did, and more. I wanted to climb the mountain not only to prove that I could do it, but also to hear more of the insightful commentary that I knew awaited me if I could just inch a bit further.

If you’re ready to brave the climb, check out Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy on the game’s Steam page.

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