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Butterfly Soup is 2017’s Best Visual Novel

There were a whole bunch of good visual novels this year! But out of Dream Daddy, Doki Doki Literature Club, Danganronpa 3, Tokyo Dark, etc., Butterfly Soup is the one I wish I had played as soon as it released. Not only is it my favorite of the aforementioned onslaught of 2017’s VNs, it’s one of the funniest and most genuinely sweet games of the year. Imagine Night in the Woods with more gays and fewer cats.

If you’re not hooked after the first five minutes of Butterfly Soup… I just don’t think this thing’s for you. The goofiest of its humor is front-loaded into the introductory scenes, and I was laughing out loud harder than I had at a game since Yakuza 0.

Not content with being just one of 2017’s funniest games, it decides to take the crown for being one of the most progressive as well; the game’s main cast is 90% queer women of color. It’s great! As a straight white dude, I was offered a unique perspective that I would rarely be afforded the opportunity to see otherwise. I 100% recommend it to anyone whose ever had a passing interest in visual novels, teen drama, or laughing. So go play it.

If you’re up for chuckling along with a wonderful group of high schoolers, check out Butterfly Soup for free on its page.

(Min-seo is maybe the best new character of 2017. She just rules.)

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