Predictions for 2018

2018 cluster ahh.png

there wil b good gams

That’s my bold prediction. An even bolder one? A handful of 2018’s absolute best will be upon us by the end of the month.

So here’s this thing I do every single year where I make a list of ten games that I think will make up my Game of the Year list come December. It’s usually horrifically wrong, as you can see firsthand by checking out previous years’ prediction posts. I’m not numbering them this time because that’s just a level of granularity that even a list-lover like myself doesn’t care enough about or have time for right now.


Game of the Year 2018:

Praey for the Gods
Donut County
Manifold Garden
Monster Hunter: World
Super Meat Boy Forever
God of War
Rhythm Doctor

Honorable Mentions:

The Last of Us Part II
Darksiders III
Mega Man 11
Death’s Gambit
Baba Is You

Praey for the Gods is hopefully going to be the sequel to Shadow of the Colossus (…oh right, they’re remaking that too. Neat!) that we’ve always wanted. It’s a giant undertaking for an indie studio and has been in development for a long time, so it’s either going to be super rad or a huge bummer.

Donut County looks like a super neat little puzzle game from one of the people behind Sonic Dreams Collection. Anything Arkane Kid adjacent will always have my eye on it. Also, the art is snazzy as heck!

Celeste looks like the Super Meat Boy thing for 2018, besides, of course, the actual Super Meat Boy thing of 2018. Both look like good takes on my favorite genre, and you know I’ll play every 2D platformer as long as I have two working hands so I just hope they aren’t a waste of time.

Monster Hunter World looks like the console version of the series these developers have always been interested in making. I’m hoping that diving straight into making an actually marketable video game for a mainstream audience doesn’t throw them too far off of what makes these games so weird, frustrating, and special.

Yoshi looks neat. Good-Feel have been a developer I watch ever since the delightful Kirby’s Epic Yarn. If it has even a fraction of the charm that their previous works have had, I’m all in.

I’m usually not huge on big budget AAA things, but God of War is my big dumb spectacle of a guilty pleasure.

Rhythm Heaven is one of the best series that doesn’t get the love it deserves, but Rhythm Doctor looks like it’ll be providing enough love to cover all of its fans for 2018.

Ooblets is a cute Animal Crossing looking thing where you befriend plants and go shopping for clothes. If you think I’m not all about that life you are sorely mistaken.

So let’s go through another year of me finding a bunch of weird games that nobody’s ever heard of and pushing them onto people who don’t care! And let’s hope at least some of these things I’m looking forward to turn out alright. Celeste and Monster Hunter are right around the corner and I’m so pumped. 2018 don’t fail me so soon, please.

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