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10 Second Run RETURNS Is Fast, Frantic Fun

10 second.jpg

Every single level in 10 Second Run RETURNS (they write it in caps so don’t forget to scream it) has a time limit of 10 seconds. The first level, the final level, the four player multiplayer levels… all equally manic. Speed is quite literally the name of the game here, and they never let you forget it.

In less than an hour after downloading the game on Switch, I had blown through the single player campaign. It was fun as heck, and I never put my Switch down from start to finish. The thing is, though, that (if I’m being generous) the whole thing took about 45 minutes. I was a bit disappointed that it was already over after such a quick, albeit enjoyable, run. Luckily, once you’re finished racing through traps, fireballs, and other obstacles by yourself, it’s time for the better option.

10 seconds but 4 people whoa.jpg

While the single player mode’s draw is three stars to collect in each stage, the multiplayer mode doesn’t have that. What is does offer, however, is some of the most frantic yelling you’ll do with/at your friends outside of Overcooked. Two to four players each get a segment of the screen and are tossed into another set of 50 levels to sprint through. It’s just a very fun version of the platforming speedruns you see on AGDQ and the like, but all fit on one system without having to hook up four consoles for the same result.

10 Second Run RETURNS isn’t going to win any awards for it’s art. It doesn’t have the in-depth mechanics of something even as recent (and on the same system) as Celeste. But it’s a quick, fun game that’s better than the sum of its parts. And really, if you have anyone to do race mode with… you’ll probably get your money’s worth the first time you beat your friend to the finish line by .0001 seconds.

If you’d like to make three friends mad that you rule at platformers, check out the game on the Switch eShop.


This game was provided for review by the game’s developer/publisher.

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