Chuchel is a Wonderful Comedy Adventure

chuchel 2.jpg

No matter how many screenshots you look at of Chuchel on the store page, I guarantee you aren’t prepared for how weird it’s gonna get.

Chuchel is a point-and-click adventure game that never gives you a second to be bored. You control a hairy black blob who is determined to eat a cherry, no matter how many literal acts of god get in his way. Chuchel splits its puzzles into individual screens, so there’s no walking back and forth across through a maze to return a key to a door. Nope, everything you need is right in front of you, and it’s up to you to figure it out.

chuchel 1.jpg

The game plays out as an absurd cartoon not unlike a sillier Tom and Jerry, where the main character can, for instance, pull on something so hard that his arms stretch out and fall off. The interactions are never so obtuse that you don’t know how to solve a screen, but they always lead to something at least twice as silly as you expected. I knocked on a small turtle’s shell once to get his attention, and when he emerged he pulled out an entire arcade with him. I’m telling you, it gets wild fast. It can sometimes feel like you’re playing through an interactive cartoon rather than a puzzle game, but the gameplay that is there never stops being surprising and fun. If you can somehow manage to finish Chuchel without gasping in awe or laughing out loud at least once, I’d like to know what kind of monster replaced your soul.


As if simply being an excellent point-and-click adventure wasn’t good enough, Chuchel eventually becomes a genre-hopping journey through platformers, a Pac-Man maze, Space Invaders, and more. I was already all-in on Chuchel well before any of that stuff started popping up, but by encompassing so many diverse playstyles in this one little game, Chuchel became something really special to me.



It’s a creative, happy cartoon from start to finish, complete with a bouncy soundtrack and surprises every minute. There’s even musical interludes where you might otherwise see the commercial break! In a year where Celeste and Monster Hunter came out like three months ago, I needed Chuchel to remind me that 2018 still has plenty of love left to give.

If you have any room for joy in your life, go check out Chuchel on its Steam page.

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