Go Tell This Dandelion a Secret


I played Tell a Dandelion a Secret for about ninety seconds, and it affected me more than most other games I’ve played this year. Maybe it’s the weird mental state I’ve found myself in over the last few months (I’ll post regularly again soon, I promise!) but I think it’s worth your minute and a half, too.

You’re asked a few simple questions that require a bit of self-reflection as you stare out into a field of flowers grass. That’s about it, but it’s the kind of experience that only games can get away with. The question lingers on the screen above a blinking cursor, indefinitely waiting on you to respond. “What’s something you did recently that you didn’t want to?” “What can always make you happy?”
Blink, blink blink, as the dandelion sways in the breeze, a little bit more of its fluff gone each time you make a decision.

Once you’re done, even relaunching the game won’t bring the dandelion’s seeds back. Your time together is over, and it’s time to move on.

If you’re up for having a plant stare into your soul, try out James Shipp’s tiny project on its page.

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