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Enter The Gungeon Is Sprinting Toward the Roguelike Throne


Enter the Gungeon may have come out in 2016, but 2018 is the year that it finally became that game it was meant to be all along. I played Gungeon back during launch week and found it to be a decent Binding of Isaac riff, but one in need of several improvements if it meant to aim for the rougelike throne. While I still think Isaac is my favorite of the two, Enter the Gungeon’s path of updates over the last few years have made quite a strong argument that Isaac isn’t the only game in town anymore.

After returning to the game two years later with waaaaaaay more content than was there during the initial release, I’d be hard pressed to say that Enter the Gungeon is just an inferior copy. They’re both the current kings of the roguelike genre, and it’s pretty much just up to taste as to which you enjoy more.


If you, like me, tossed Enter the Gungeon to the side as some throwaway toy back in 2016… there really hasn’t been a better time to see why both of us were so, so, wrong.

First off, if you’re unfamiliar with the genre, it goes like this: You run around and dodge scary enemies, manage a small inventory and look for sweet items. You get more powerful the longer that you survive, but as soon as you bite it, you’re all done and have to start over again. You do make small bits of permanent progress by achieving certain tasks so you’re never totally set to square zero. However, if you’re not into mastering a difficult game again and again, this might not be the thing for you. For everyone else, let’s talk about what’s new.

With the most recent Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update, a slew of new content has been released, including a new floor, new bosses, OVER 300 SYNERGIES BETWEEN WEAPONS AND ITEMS, new enemies, new modes, and more stuff that I’m probably forgetting. If you were put off by Gungeon’s individual runs not being as varied as Isaac’s, this is the patch you’ve been waiting for.

A rough estimate I’ve thrown around is that there’s at least double the amount of stuff to find and do in Enter the Gungeon 2.0 when compared to 1.0. Even just the small tweaks to the game speed and smoothing out a few rough edges here and there make Gungeon in 2018 feel almost like a sequel to developer Dodge Roll’s freshman effort. Suffice it to say, I’ll be paying my share of attention to anything they decide to work on next.


Dodge Roll also put this update out for FREE, which is ridiculous if you’re one of the several thousand fans following this update’s development.

Long story short: if you’ve been itching to hop into the roguelike genre or just want another game to play in between Isaac runs, Enter the Gungeon should absolutely be your next stop.


I can’t believe I got through this whole post without making a bullet heaven joke.


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