The Truth Hurts in 11.45 A Vivid Life


11.45 A Vivid Life lives up to its odd desciption and title. From the game’s download page:

A short weird tale about a girl who discovered her skeleton isn’t hers, stole an xray machine and fled to the country to investigate her own body.

So uh, yeah, I was definitely gonna check this one out.

It’s weird! Just like it reads on the box, you play as Laynie, a young girl who drives to the middle of nowhere to find answers to some strange questions.


You’ll use her x-ray machine to examine her insides, and do your best to end up with a bunch of them on the outside. At first I groaned a little because of the game’s resolution giving it such a tiny window, but by the end I was just glad I didn’t have a better view of Laynie ripping out her own teeth to investigate them.

As she checks out different pieces of her(?) body, you’re given a list of explanations, with the one you choose becoming canon. It’s a very Kentucky Route Zero style of building your own storytelling, and I’ve yet to get even remotely sick of it. My decision on whether Laynie’s metal chip in her hand was from an accident or a government implant maaaaaay have driven her paranoia up just a bit.


The developer, Deconstructeam, says that this is a “narrative experiment” that will lead to something secret. I’m hopeful that this project ends up being successful and whatever they make next is just as unique.

If you’re ready to dig… real deep to solve some mysteries, check out 11.45 A Vivid Life on its page.

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