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Decimating Demons is a Delight in SACRIFIGHTS


In seven days, The Ancient One is going to mess you up. Bad. The only way to stop him? Fight the lesser minions of hell and eat their entrails to gain their power. Duh!

SACRIFIGHTS is FrankieSmileShow’s entry for Ludum Dare 44. And while I don’t think it nails the theming (Your life is currency) as successfully as safecrack, it’s a pretty fun time regardless.

You offer some blood, or guts, or uh, batteries and staplers that the bosses drop to the sacfiricial altar and fight whatever monstrosity is summoned. Clowns, spiders, demons and secretaries take shape and are quite angry with you. Thankfully, a magic seal keeps them in place for you to get some potshots in before they wreak havoc. Your first run through the game will almost inevitably go like this: Summon a bunch of monsters, maybe kill one or two by the skin of your teeth for some sweet loot, and then die to the final boss when he shows up and you’re absolutely unprepared. The second run is where things… kind of fall apart a bit.

Once you’re familiar with how the game works, you’ll try to min/max your process through the monsters. Eat what’s edible, summon what’s not, and grow incredibly powerful as events progress. You’ll eventually learn that most monsters can be decimated before the seal is broken, and they never even have a chance to move before they’re sent back to whence they came. The game is still fun to play because the monster designs are neat to see and each of them have unique quips, but once you see the seams there’s no challenge whatsoever.


And that’s cool, I guess! I had a pretty great 20 minutes or so between both of my playthroughs. I just wish I had been able to have a fair fight with more of them. There’s definitely more that can be done here, and if SACRIFIGHTS 2 came out tomorrow I’d be down immediately. Just maybe give the hellspawn a headstart when you try to take them on yourself.

If you’re up for meeting the minions of the abyss, check out the game on its Ludum Dare page.

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