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Safecrack Is Fast and Frantic Frugality


Made for Ludum Dare 44’s “Your life is currency” theme, Torcado’s entry is well among the best of ’em. Though it’ll take you just 10 or 15ish minutes to blow through, safecrack is one of the most inventive incremental games I’ve played in quite a while.

If you’re not familiar with incremental games… you’re probably a better and healthier person than me. It’s one of those things like Cookie Clicker or Forager that sucks hours and hours away, promising you that by doing one thing over and over again, you’ll become better at, well, doing that one thing even better. They’re typically near-endlessly looping Skinner Boxes that trap you inside them for as long as your addictive personality allows. Thankfully, safecrack is one of the more ethical ones.


Happy with simply providing a dozen or so minutes of fun, safecrack has you upgrading ways to hurt yourself. See, you’re a safe, and you’ve gotta get all that money out of you somehow. As you take “damage,” money for upgrades flies out of you. Spend that money on more enemies to fill the screen with, or to make yourself more vulnerable to attacks, and you make more cash for new upgrades to die even faster.

I was surprised at how satisfying the upgrade tree was for such a small project. As you experiment with new combinations of enemies to harm you, you’ll occasionally think “oh, this is definitely the best way to take damage the fastest,” and then almost certainly stumble into an even more efficient way to kill yourself.

If you’re ready to hop into a quick bout of chaotic currency collecting, head on over to the game’s page.

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