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Only One Minute Before Restart – Racing the Reboot


You know how irritating it is when your computer keeps popping up a prompt to restart and update while you have absolutely no intention of doing so? You’re gonna turn the computer off eventually, right? And it’s only 2am, there’s still stuff to do!

What if… wait for it… it was gonna restart whether you wanted it to or not?

Enter: Only One Minute Before Restart.

Made by Levi More for the Game Maker’s Toolkit Game Jam, you’re tasked with completing a quick series of puzzles/games in order to finish sending an important email before it’s erased. Playing like an extremely fast round of WarioWare, you’re given 60 seconds to figure out how to stop the reboot process.


You’ll fire arrows, play arcade classics, and scan through menus as the clock keeps ticking. As much as I wish there was more to see and do, it makes sense that the game is over nearly as soon as it starts. Additions of a few extra mini games and randomizing the order could go a long way in making this feel less like a one and done, but for a Game Jam its a perfectly enjoyable snack of an experience.

If you’re quick enough to beat a frustrating computer, check out the game on its page.

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