2019 Reflections and 2020 GOTY Predictions

2020 Collage

Another year, another list where I predict Super Meat Boy Forever will be in my top ten and it doesn’t even come out. We’ll see this time I guess.

January of last year was when I called 2019 “staaaaackedwith good games. Turns out it was! Maybe a year without one real crowd-pleaser like a God of War or a Witcher, but a lot lot lot of smaller things came out to make up for it. If there’s a genre you love, 2019 had at least a couple of entries that were worth your while.

For record keeping’s sake, here’s my predictions from the beginning of last year. The addendums in parenthesis are some quick thoughts so we can put that year behind us and talk about those sweet 2020 releases and make more bad guesses.

Game of the Year 2019 Early Predictions:

Devil May Cry V – (Good not great! I don’t like playing as V.)

Super Meat Boy Forever – (still not out!!)

Animal Crossing Switch – (March 20, babyyyy)

The Outer Worlds – (like a bunch of these, I didn’t put much time in. Seems cool so far, though.)

The Last of Us: Part 2 (not out)

Doom Eternal (also not out, but I have some THOUGHTS about this one)

Resident Evil 2 (I’m a scared baby and also didn’t give this the time it deserved yet)

Judge Eyes (ugh, I own it put have only played it for an hour. It was a very good hour.)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (I’ve made my peace with this thing, check out my 2019 GOTY list)


Honorable Mentions:

Rhythm Doctor (not out)
Trials Rising (good but weirdly flawed)
Ooblets (not out but gimme!!!!!!!!!)
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (made the list, was about as good as it could have been)
Manifold Garden (didn’t grab me like I expected it to. not a huge collection of neat puzzles to solve like antichamber like i wanted)
Tunic (still coming and still looks great!)
Knuckle Sandwich (2020 don’t let me down)
Anodyne 2 (good and weird, not as good and weird as the first game)
Yoshi’s Crafted World (super solid, not a goty game)
Dreams (kind of sort of out, I had a ridiculous time with this thing and I’m excited for a more official release)


So what about 2020? There are, as always, too many games coming out. Hopefully I get to play some of them.


Game of the Year 2020 Predictions:


#1. Elden Ring – A Fromsoft game hot off the heels of their latest and worst (but not terrible), Sekiro? I was a bit put off just on the recency bias, but after reading some developer interviews I’m becoming pretty hopeful. A larger scale Dark Souls with more customization than ever? The PR seems to be pushing “more” and “bigger” as the key adjectives this time around, and a new generation of Dark Souls with those in mind could lead to many a dream come true.

#2. Doom Eternal – Doom 2016 is a rare example of what I believe to be a near perfect video game. The combat is fluid and balanced in a way that makes you feel incredible after every single fight. The unexpected but never unwelcomed 3D platforming is super tight. And the Doom Slayer is just cool as hell. Rip and tear, baby.

#3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Unless you’re part of The Initiated, you have no idea how pumped I am to get my hands on another one of these. How in the world was New Leaf nearly 7 years ago?? Let’s hope for a true upgrade to online this time, and not like Sword and Shield where the online stuff somehow got worse.

#4. The Binding of Isaac: Repentance – I will probably continue to play The Binding of Isaac until I die, expansions or not. This will hopefully just make those hours even better.

#5. Cyberpunk 2077 – One day I’ll play The Witcher 3. If I don’t before September, maybe this will show me a bit of what I’ve been missing. I’m also more apt to drop hours into an first-person than a third-person one. Weird, I know, but true.

#6. Super Meat Boy Forever – After Team Meat Split, Edmund made The End is Nigh with Tyler Glaiel. It’s a superior game to Super Meat Boy, so let’s hope this alternate timeline of a second sequel from Tommy Refenes has just as much game to back it up.

#7. The Last of Us Part II – I haven’t replayed The Last of Us since mid-2013, and I remember less and less of it every day. I do remember, though, thinking it was a fantastic third-person shooter with a story other games of this budget rarely care to match. I’m due for a redo, but if I end up without the time hopefully Part II will do its duty and remind me what makes these games tick.

#8. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 – The first one is an RPG classic, and they’ve been saying and doing enough things right to tell me this one should be, too.

#9. Knuckle Sandwich – This weird and varied old-school RPG looks better the more I see of it. As long as the turn-based stuff has enough wrinkles to keep me mildly engaged, I’ll be happy to engage with it just to get to the next incredible bit of dialogue, game show appearence, dream sequence, cannibalism, rhythm game, etc, etc, etc.

#10. Hollow Knight: Silksong – I will follow Team Cherry wherever they end up going. If, for now, they plan on serving up a sequel to the best Metroidvania game of all time? That’s alright with me.

Honorable Mentions:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – I have some real doubts this one is coming in 2020, but if it does I’ll be the happiest a person can be. So don’t expect it.

Hades – I’ve yet to play the Early Access version, but the Supergiant pedigree and the wild amount of buzz around it lands it squarely on my radar.

No More Heroes III – I like the cutscenes and watching dumbass action setpieces more than I actually enjoy playing either of the first two games. Either way, this will be a game with bad combat and great cutscenes, or good combat and great cutscenes. I’ll honestly take it either way. That’s what YouTube’s for.

Tunic – I’m a sucker for a Zelda fan making a Zelda game. I play a ton of them every year, though, and they tend to blend together after a while. Tunic seems like one that may end up sticking out from the rest.

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