Games of the Month – January 2020

It’s back! I’ve been looking forward to hopping back on this wagon for a while. First things first: I haven’t played the final episode of Kentucky Route Zero yet. I’ve been playing the game on and off with chapter releases since 2013, but I’m due for a full replay before hopping into the ending. I’m super excited to do it, but this month wasn’t it. Kentucky Route Zero is a game that I’ve cared a lot about since I played Act I seven years ago(!!!), and I don’t want to do it the disservice of rushing through. I expect it to be good, so there’s that. On to the show!


#1. Lenna’s Inception

Another month, another good Zelda-like. Though I don’t think it’s as strong of an offshoot as, say, Ittle Dew 2, Lenna’s Inception is a solid action RPG with enough of its own identity to give it a recommendation. Read my full thoughts on it here.

#2. TemTem

In the two or three hours I’ve spent with TemTem so far, I’m glad to say it’s a super confident Pokemon thing. Even after spending (and continuing to spend) dozens of hours in Pokemon Shield, CremaGames love for that series shines through and keeps pushing me forward. If you’re remotely interested in Pokemon or have wondered where the series could go if built by a different set of hands, TemTem is the real deal. The monster designs are a bit hit or miss, learning a brand new batch of odd type matchups has been difficult but not unwelcomed, and the early access state the game is in has me wanting to hold off just a bit until there’s more polish. But even as early as the game is (the full release isn’t expected until next year) there’s already a lot here to like.

#3. Journey to the Savage Planet

Did you like Metroid Prime? Did you like Borderlands 2? Welp, doesn’t matter if you do, Typhoon Studios sure did. You’ll go through the motions of exploring an alien planet and grabbing double jumps and grappling hook upgrades all while your AI partner quips relentlessly in your ear. Yes, it’s kind of a weird mashup… but surprisingly one that works! I think the writing here is significantly wittier that a lot of what’s on offer in the Borderlands games (i.e. it’s actually funny on occasion) and I’ve enjoyed just roaming around this weird, colorful space world. There’s some good 3D platforming and exploration here with some shallow but infrequent FPS combat tossed in for good measure. Sure, the comedy writing on display leans toward throwing spaghetti at a wall, but the funny jokes are legitimately well-delivered and memorable. I did run into a game-breaking bug in the first two hours that required a fresh save, but I’ve been told that specific issue has been fixed and shouldn’t happen anymore. I guess if the fact that I lost two hours of progress and willingly redid all of it doesn’t speak for itself, not a whole lot else will.

Honorable Mentions


The Pedestrian

I’ve been pumped for this after hearing about it years ago and… uh, it isn’t quite what I expected it to be! I enjoyed what I played quite a bit, but of no fault of the devs I expected a pure 2D platformer instead of a puzzle platformer. It’s a good one of those, though, if you’re in the mood for one!


A decent first-person puzzler with a desperate desire to be the next BioShock. Some of the writing is terrible, but the occasional good bit of dialogue and the puzzles themselves were fun enough to warrant a light recommend.

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