Welcome to HippoChippies! My name is Zach, and I think video games are alright. However you got here, I hope you enjoy finding out about all of the amazing, weird, and awful interactive experiences that exist in the great culture that is Video Games™.

My favorite thing to do, and the reason this site means as much to me as it does, is to find lesser-known games and help give them a bigger spotlight. If you’re a developer, contact me on Twitter @HippoChippies, or shoot me an email at hippochippies@gmail.com. I love speaking with talented people, and I’ve met a lot of wonderful devs in this business.

If your game deserves to be on the minds of more players, I’ll spread the word as far as my voice can take it. I feel like every year some of my favorite games are ones that very few people have ever heard of. I’d like to change that, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

I’ve been doing this website thing for about a decade, and it’s without a doubt my most rewarding creative endeavor. Thanks for sticking with me, tell your friends about HippoChippies, and enjoy your stay here. You’re welcome to drop by anytime.


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