Games of 2020

Released in February 2020:

What I’ve played:

KUNAI – Switch, Win
ScourgeBringer (Early Access) – Win, Mac, Linux
Wide Ocean, Big Jacket – Switch, Win, Mac, Linux
Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold – Switch

Released in January 2020:

What I’ve played:

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – PS4, XBO, Win
Lightmatter – Win
Lazr (demo) – Win, Mac, Linux
Lenna’s Inception – Win, Linux
Temtem (Early Access) – Win
The Pedestrian – Win, Mac, Linux
Journey to the Savage Planet – PS4, XBO, Win
Tip of the Icebug – HTML5, Win, Mac
Coffee Talk – Switch, PS4, XBO, Win, Mac
Mythic Ocean – Win
War is a Losing Game – HTML5
Star Fetchers: Pilot – Win

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