Games of 2018

Released in January 2018

What I’ve played:

Pink Marmalade – Win, Mac
The Onus Helm (Kickstarter demo) – Win
Pillow of Stone – Win, Mac
NSFWare – Win, Linux
Reality B – Win
Iconoclasts – PS4, Vita, Win, Mac, Linux
Celeste – Switch, PS4, XBO, Win, Mac, Linux
Monster Hunter: World – PS4, XBO
30 Seconds to Midnight – HTML5
Slime Pizza – iOS, Android
30 Seconds Past Midnight – HTML5
The Room: Old Sins – iOS

Released in February 2018

What I’ve played:

Shadow of the Colossus – PS4
Florence – iOS
Dandara – Switch, PS4, XBO, Win, Mac, Linux
A Case of Distrust – Win, Mac
SpookyCellar – Win
Close Your Eyes – Win
Fe – Switch, PS4, XBO, Win
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine – Win, Mac, Linux
Into the Breach – Win
Moss – PSVR
Concourse X-Ray – Win, Mac
Super Weekend Mode – Win, Mac
Love Is Moving – Win, Mac
Bunky – Win

Released in March 2018

What I’ve played:

Jehovah’s Witness Simulator 2018 – HTML5
JUMPGRID – Win, Mac, Linux
Scribblenauts Showdown – Switch, PS4, XBO


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